The history of the Scottish Premier League

Back in 1998, the Scottish Premier League was formed. It happened when the clubs in the top tier of Scottish football separated from the Scottish Football League. The SPL took the Premier League in England as an example, which has been founded in 1992. The English League allows clubs to compete and best ones will be awarded for their effort, not only in money but also in recognition and fame. However, back in 2013, the Scottish Football League and Scottish Football League merged into one and formed the Scottish Professional Football League. This is not the main football body also known as the Scottish Premiership.

The beginnings

The SPL existed for 15 seasons, and it has 19 clubs playing at least one year in the top flight. In the beginning, the league counted ten teams, but it was increased to 12 back in 2001. This number remains up to this date. When the officials formed this league, each of ten teams would play each other four times. However, the change in the structure causes this competition to change their rules, where each team now plays each other three times before the SPL was divided into two sections of six. Now the top six and bottom six teams will play each other one more time.

The most important clubs

post1aTwo most clubs dominate this competition, they are called Rangers and Celtic and are the biggest rivals in the Scottish Premier League. So far, Ranger won seven titles, which Celtic won eight.  However, this dominance was temporary, and it was ended by the Scottish Football Association, who striped Rangers from all titles due to financial irregularities back in 2012. For that reason, Rangers finished at the bottom of Scottish Football League.

The new formation of Scottish Professional Football League

post1bIt was meant to present a couple of noticeable changes. Even though teams continued to play 38 league games in a season, with the top and bottom clubs separating after 33 matches, the season still lasts from August until May. In this case, each team will be awarded three points for a win and one point for a draw. On the other hand, the bottom club at the end of the SP season is exiled to the Scottish Championship and is replaced in the top flight by the winner of the championship. In 2013-2014, for the first time in the history of the Scottish Football, the team which finishes the second bottom of the SPR will enter a playoff with the teams that finish second, third, and forth.

The winner of this playoff will get a play in the Premiership in the next season, which is a huge motivation for all teams which are at the bottom of the table. This year we have a new competition ahead of us. There has been a lot of speculations regarding teams; however, we will see which one will manage to get the title.

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