The top-rated bookies for the Scottish Premiership football betting

Considering Scotland has a high level of competitive football, the Scottish Premiership has been short at the SPFL. Since they are founded in 2013 by merging the Scottish Premier League and Scottish Football League, they feature 12 teams.People who are interested in the Scottish Premiership can now place bets through some of the most trusted bookies. This is an excellent way to follow your favorite teams and additionally earn money.So here are some of the best bookies and the gambling industry you should experience.


Ladbrokes is one of the most famous betting and gaming enterprises and a leader of UK retail bookmaking. In the last couple of years, their online presence has significantly grown. The welcome bonus is up to £30, while the minimum bet is £10.


If you decide to use 888spot platform, then you will find quite attractive promotions which offer free bets, but also amazing prizes. For instance, you can win tickets to see the best football events. Their welcome bonus is surprisingly high, up to £100, which is a powerful motivation for many people. Again, the minimum bet is £10.


Mansion Bet

This is an online sportsbook platform that offers casino games, exports, and live dealer games as well. The Mansion Bet also features a mobile app, so you can gamble while on the go. The welcome bonus is up to £50, while you can place £5 as a minimum bet.

Royal Panda

post3bThe Royal Panda is determined to make this football season a hot one. Players have a chance to win £1 million or other prizes. The welcome bonus is not as generous as with previously mentioned counterparts. New gamblers will only get £20. However, the minimum bet is £5.

The top Scottish football clubs you can bet on


The Celtic Football Club, or also called the Bhoys is located in Glasgow, Scotland. It was founded in 1887, and this club has a rich football history. However, back in the 1900s, they established themselves as one of the most prominent clubs, earning six titles in one decade. The Celtic has an intense rivalry with Rangers which lasts for more than 100 years.


The Rangers Football Club, also known as the Rangers, the Light Blues, or the Gers is one of the oldest clubs in Scottish football tradition. They have won more league titles and trebles than any other franchise in the world.  In all, the Rangers have won trophies for Premiership, Scottish League Cup, and Scottish Cup.


post3cThe Aberdeen Football Club is also known as the Dons or the Reds, and it’s a Scottish Premiership club based in Aberdeen Scotland. This club competes alongside 11 other Scottish Clubs and never have been exiled from the Premiership league. In the 2013-14 season, they have made significant success in Scottish League Cup. However, before that, they have gone for nearly two decades without a significant result.


The best Scotland-based players good enough to play in Premier League

When it comes to Scottish League, it attracts a lot of criticism, especially from neighboring country England. However, this is quite an unfair situation. We have to admit that the quality of football is reduced in the North, but they still have powerful teams and attractive players. The Scottish football has a rich history, just thinks of the Celtic’s famous Lisbon Lions team who was the first British club to win the European Cup back in 1967. But, let’s focus on the best players in the Scottish Premiership who deserve a chance to play in a Premier League.

Kieran Tierney

post2aKieran should be the most obvious addition considering he has been receiving plenty of reviews for his performance in the last couple of years. Even though he is 20 years old, Kieran has had 116 total appearances for the club already. He is the example of an excellent player who never backs down from a challenge and always support his teammates. Many critics believe that Kieran is one of the best left-backs in European Football. So far, he has performed well in the Champion League and made into UEFA team of the group stage. So far Manchester United was one of the teams who showed interest in this young player.

Alfredo Morelos

An excellent goalkeeper, Morelos just arrived in Glasgow, but there are rumors about his departure. In the last couple of years, China has become a massive football market. Therefore, many players have moved to the Asian continent due to high financial gain. There were a couple of rumors that Morelos will be moving to China, but the most obvious destination would be England. This young Columbian player chooses Finland as his first destination to enter European football field. Even though he played 42 games for HJK, he now has 11 games in the SPFL. He is motivated to continue up the ladder of football, so we think his club will struggle to keep him next season.

Scott Sinclair

post2bSinclair is the only player on this list who has the experience in English football. Chelsea sent him out as a loan, and finally, when he got a chance to settle at a club, he was able to show his talent. At his current club, Celtic, he scored 19 goals, which enabled Swansea, his club, to enter EPL for the first time in their history. However, he didn’t look out of place in the top division, even though he scored eight goals. His play is quite impressive; he has directness and vigorous pace, which caught the eye of many, including Manchester City, who offered to pay $8 million. But moving to Manchester City was a wrong move for him because Sinclair only had 13 appearances in three seasons, which is a devastating fact.

He then moved to Scotland, and things changed. This player managed to score 30 league goals in 58 games. Even though he’s 28, he still has a chance to play in Premier League.



The history of the Scottish Premier League

Back in 1998, the Scottish Premier League was formed. It happened when the clubs in the top tier of Scottish football separated from the Scottish Football League. The SPL took the Premier League in England as an example, which has been founded in 1992. The English League allows clubs to compete and best ones will be awarded for their effort, not only in money but also in recognition and fame. However, back in 2013, the Scottish Football League and Scottish Football League merged into one and formed the Scottish Professional Football League. This is not the main football body also known as the Scottish Premiership.

The beginnings

The SPL existed for 15 seasons, and it has 19 clubs playing at least one year in the top flight. In the beginning, the league counted ten teams, but it was increased to 12 back in 2001. This number remains up to this date. When the officials formed this league, each of ten teams would play each other four times. However, the change in the structure causes this competition to change their rules, where each team now plays each other three times before the SPL was divided into two sections of six. Now the top six and bottom six teams will play each other one more time.

The most important clubs

post1aTwo most clubs dominate this competition, they are called Rangers and Celtic and are the biggest rivals in the Scottish Premier League. So far, Ranger won seven titles, which Celtic won eight.  However, this dominance was temporary, and it was ended by the Scottish Football Association, who striped Rangers from all titles due to financial irregularities back in 2012. For that reason, Rangers finished at the bottom of Scottish Football League.

The new formation of Scottish Professional Football League

post1bIt was meant to present a couple of noticeable changes. Even though teams continued to play 38 league games in a season, with the top and bottom clubs separating after 33 matches, the season still lasts from August until May. In this case, each team will be awarded three points for a win and one point for a draw. On the other hand, the bottom club at the end of the SP season is exiled to the Scottish Championship and is replaced in the top flight by the winner of the championship. In 2013-2014, for the first time in the history of the Scottish Football, the team which finishes the second bottom of the SPR will enter a playoff with the teams that finish second, third, and forth.

The winner of this playoff will get a play in the Premiership in the next season, which is a huge motivation for all teams which are at the bottom of the table. This year we have a new competition ahead of us. There has been a lot of speculations regarding teams; however, we will see which one will manage to get the title.